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September 04 2010

We are not human beings living a spiritual life. We are spiritual beings living a human life.
— Kerli Kõiv

September 01 2010

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Any love cannot exist without pain, because pain is like a prize making value double. it is all about understanding and acepting this hard law, not trying to fight it cause it is just not worth anything. u're gonna understand it sooner or later, but someday u will.
Cause if love comes to u, u can be perfectly sure that pain will come too at its time. Love and pain are like two sisters, like life and death and just can't be complete without each others. but dont take ur pain as a punishment or as a spite of fate - u need to see the beauty in your pain, 'cause it makes u grow as a spiritual human-being which u are, it helps u understand the reason why u are here, it helps u see how powerful love can be.
It's gonna take time, the process of self-healing can be sometimes really long and u might feel dissapointed or empty inside, but it's natural and it's also very necessary. We all have to learn our lessons, that's why we are here. And lessons can be hard, too hard at times but we are forced to believe in love and love always wins.
I gave U so much during this short time - sometimes I think too much. but then I'm starting to realize that only what we gave to others really matters, cause it will all come back to us when time will come. And people's parting are only an ilusion, because everything is connected in the Universe. 
Dorosłe strumyki (czyli Prawie Małe Rzeczki) bardzo dobrze wiedzą, że nie ma pośpiechu. Któregoś dnia i tak dostaną się tam, gdzie trzeba.
— Unknown

August 30 2010

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OK, I guess it's all. now i just need to remember to see the beauty in my pain cause it makes me grow up as a person. u have given me a lot, even before the 'big thing' started and i appreciate that.
the art is about not to reject my pain into hate, anger and bitter cause it would be just not worth anything.
the beauty is about that that all was anything else but just an another lesson, i've had to learn.
And if you aren't a part of my dream, then you're a part of my nightmare. but there'll be for always a part of u in me and a part of me in u.

August 21 2010

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Ok, whatever it is, think i can handle it. at least, it's not my lose, right? you're the one who's gonna lose anything but..whatever u chose,right? now's your turn.

August 20 2010

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from the very first time that i saw u, i exactly knew i am not supposed to touch u in a different way then just acting friendly. i knew u are this kind of things u touch once - u would never be the same ever again. don't know what i was actually thinking, me stupid little whore...yea that's that stupid, unwanted and unbelievable naive part of me. and as time was slowly passing by with nothing wrong happens, i got so damn close to u and i have crossed the line, even though every sign was just sayin' 'save yourself!'. but it just wouldn't be me, not setting my heart and my soul on fire like a thousand times before.
and now...as u got what u wanted..u don't even call. or text me.whatever.
Dear God, i knew i CAN'T have him, but it just felt SO damn right! My intuition betrayed me once again.but..who cares?
Totally whatever feeling, damn yeah

July 11 2010

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That's what I'm feeling right now;)
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July 10 2010

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July 09 2010

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July 08 2010

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Take me there and never walk away, ok?

July 04 2010

Wszyscy na tym świecie szukają szczęścia na zewnątrz, a nikt nie rozumie swojego własnego wnętrza. Każdy mówi "ja", "ja chcę tego", "ja jestem jak tamto". Ale nikt nie rozumie tego "ja". Gdy się urodziłeś to skąd przyszedłeś? Gdy umrzesz, dokąd pójdziesz? (...)"
— Seung Sahn (Nauka o Zen)

June 18 2010

Did you guys know that some butterflies live for one day only? It makes me thinking more carefully about my life, because it is so fragile.

June 17 2010

Oh my God, it's so amazing! Love it for crazy!
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Sometimes I wish I could be a litlle girl once more, so everything amazing that happend so far, would be still for me to feel. Like you, M., even thought you're such a jerk now. But I can still find that girl inside of me...
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